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Get to know Cariqa

New to Cariqa?

In the following blog, we'll explain how Cariqa helps manage your electric car in more detail.

Find charging stations

Finding charging stations with Cariqa
Cariqa app overview with charging stations

You can choose from over 270k charging stations across Europe in 27 countries. Amongst the charging stations are standard, fast and super fast chargers. If your car is connected, Cariqa automatically only displays the charging stations that are compatible with your vehicle and available at the time of your search. Under the tap “charging” you can find charging stations near you. You can select which types of chargers you want displayed at the top (Standard, Fast and Ultrafast). You can mark favorite stations and navigate yourself there via a selection of mapping providers, such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze,...

Plan your trips

For long distance travel, you can plan your trips in seconds with Cariqa. You tell us where you're starting from, where you want to go, and what battery status you want to travel with. Once you've selected the number of passengers you want to travel with and whether you'll use air conditioning, we calculate the rest, such as weather, average speed limits, altitudes and many other influencing factors. Finally you can route yourself with either Apple Maps or Google Maps, and we add the charging stops for you on your route. Both Apple Maps and Google Maps then connect seamlessly with your car and you can navigate from there.

Energy Plans

Energy Plans for Cariqa
Cariqa app price package

You can use our routing and charging station finders free of charge. If you would like to charge your EV with Cariqa, you can choose from a number of different plans that match your consumption. You will then be able to charge at more than 270k charging stations for one fixed fee. 

Battery management

Battery management with Cariqa
Cariqa app overview

Whilst this may seem trivial at first. Taking care of your battery is crucial to maintain the range of your vehicle and to preserve its resale value. We show you some key stats that provide you with insights about your battery care, real-time available range, charging behavior and eco stats.
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