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Take Control of Your Prices

Set your pricing strategy dynamically. We ensure your prices reach EV drivers without markups.

Absolute price control

Welcome to our charging control center for charge point operators.
Set and adjust your pricing as needed and run your own promotions in seconds.
You wield the full power of pricing - the price you set is the price the end customer will receive, granting you absolute control.

Price Control

Take control of your pricing once again.

Pure Price Promise

We do not add any markups to your energy price. The price you set reaches the consumer directly.

Dynamic pricing

Leverage market insights and demand trends, to stay competitive and optimize your pricing strategy.

Campaign Management

We ensure your discounts directly reach your customers.

Discounts reach your customer directly

We don't add any markups to your energy price, ensuring your offers are delivered straight to your customers.

Join our platform and take charge

Relationship Management

Strengthen connections and enhance customer experience

Your subscriptions managed

Drive customer loyalty by selling subscriptions through Cariqa.

Direct feedback

Access real-time feedback from charging sessions directly on our platform.

Customer Support

We provide real-time customer support, ensuring a smooth and seamless charging experience for your customers.

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Simplify payments, billing, and operations

Quick payments

Funds from EV drivers are transferred directly to your account in a matter of days, not 2 months.

Streamlined operations

Customer billing and invoicing are managed centrally via Cariqa, simplifying your operations.

Risk-free participation

Pay only for successful charging sessions with Cariqa.

Join our platform and take charge

Increase your marging and be in control of your prices