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Transparent EV Charging

Get the direct price from the charge point operator with no markup. Save money and charge with confidence.

EV Drivers have to make a tough choice...

juggle multiple apps for the most direct price from the Charge Point Operator...

or opt for the convenience of a single app, even if they have to pay more for their energy.

Why choose between price and convenience when you can have both? With Cariqa, you don't need to juggle multiple apps to find the direct prices from Charge Point Operators.
Enjoy direct prices all within the comfort of a single app.

The new Cariqa will be available from August 2024. Stay tuned for Updates!

Direct prices

Unlock charge rates directly from the operators and enjoy charging at pure energy costs.

No mark up

Energy prices without markup*: Get the price directly from the charge point operator. We do not apply any markups on our energy prices, ensuring you never overspend on your energy.

*For charging operators we don't yet partner with, a one-time access fee of 69 cents applies.

Seamless charging

One app covering all your charging needs

Large coverage

Charge anywhere in 30 countries with access to over 420,000 charging stations.


Always see if charge points are free or occupied

Custom filters

Find your optimal charging point by filtering by price or charging speed.

Direct support

Start charging in seconds, and if any issues arise, we handle them promptly via the app.

Be smart, stay in charge

Intelligent routing

Get from A to B effortlessly and fully charged for your next adventure.

Optimal route planning

Based on your driving style, we estimate your consumption and calculate where, when, and for how long you need to charge.

Routing filters

Adapt your routes to the most cost-effective or fastest charging stations.

EV monitoring

Connect your car and gain insights like never before.

Battery monitoring

Check your charge status and receive best practices for maintaining long-term battery health.

CO2 tracking

Track how much CO2 emissions you are saving by opting to drive electric

Car insights

Monitor kilometers driven and access general vehicle information

Be smart, stay in charge